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West Palm Beach law firm solves tax problems using 30 years of experience.

About Our Firm

Our law firm in West Palm Beach, Florida, has built a widespread reputation for our attorneys' shared commitment to excellence in serving diverse businesses, individuals and families throughout Palm Beach County and beyond. When you choose to consult, collaborate and work with our legal team, you can rely on receiving legal counsel backed by many decades of experience in negotiations, efficient management of transactions, all forms of alternative dispute resolution and high-value trial litigation and appeals.

Vision & Mission

The professionals of our Law firm strive to make a positive difference for our clients through the provision of legal services. We are committed to the honest, timely, competent, responsive, creative, and courteous practice of law, with accountability from top to bottom in the organization. This means we endeavor to find cost-effective, creative and aggressive strategies to address legal opportunities and problems to achieve the outcome our clients desire.

Our Attorneys

Our attorneys are more than lawyers; they are advisors in business and in your personal life. They draw upon knowledge, diverse backgrounds and experiences from their own practices as well as others within the firm to achieve their clients' goals. We provide value to our clients by being problem-solvers, understanding the global picture and thinking outside the box.

Michael A Lampert

Tax & Elder Law Team

Michael A. Lampert is a Florida Bar Board Certified tax lawyer in private practice in West Palm Beach, Florida where he concentrates his...

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